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01-02-2013, 12:38 PM
Here we go again!
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Totally agree with the article. As much as I'm concerned, the guy could even have a few entries in one or a couple of teams. Yet, he doesn't have them in all of them but that doesn't stop him for having all sorts of news about everybody for everything. Add it with those stupid E3, E4, and the 25% this guy goes there, 30% he goes there and so on....and when everything is proven wrong.....he can put it on the "Well, those are talks, and not every talk become a deal" EVEN after he had mentioned DONE DEAL.

But let's give him som praise...he has succeeded in his own way. Tons of fishes in the ocean....he just know what to say when to say it. Like a couple of other guys on the net who I won't mention, that are totally fraud for having REPEATADLY mentioned deals that they BROKE, yet, a simple research on Twitter proved day 1 deal after another, they had taken the news from people they were following and took that news as their own. It's not even that hard to find. I've mentioned that to people who worshiped them with proofs and they still believe them. So that's how cults exist.....

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