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01-02-2013, 02:04 PM
Here we go again!
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Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
No kidding. That was my point.

It is a team sport, not some development tournament for Galchenyuk. Everything seems to everyone else's fault.

Kuraly sucks. Coach sucks. Barber sucks. Trotchek sucks.

Who cares about how much icetime Gally gets when the USA wins 7-0? Who cares who Gally's linemates are when he leads the team in points?

Karuly is so bad that he fed a beauty behind the back pass that Galchenyuk couldn't finish. The PP mismanagment is so bad that Gaudreau potted a hattrick on Gally's backdoor position.

Just enjoy the damn tournament and Gally like a normal person. Hey guys, that move to split the D make space and dish it to Barber was pretty sick hey?

This tournament is not about Galchenyuk, it never was, it never will be. So when you look at it through this lens it leads to complete fallacy.
Yet, everybody does it the same. If Canada wins and Hamilton sucks, Bruins fans would come up more about how Hamilton is clearly not ready than depressed because US lost. Same applies for every NHL fanbase. But while doing it, we have enough room to cheer for a team which is what we're doing for Canada. And Kuraly one nice pass doesn't make it for Kuraly's 35 others that he missed or couldn't convert. It is a team sport, but it's also a way to analyse future prospects for the scouts. A way to analyse already owned prospects for NHL teams. A way to see who else is out there that could your pro team. And it's all about cheering for your home country at the same time. Seems to me that it also becomes "individual" when we are talking about top players. Leafs recognizes Biggs limitations....they are probably not whining about his icetime. I guess we would be acknowledging Hudon's limitations, hence we "probably" ( I stress probably) not whining about him not getting some PP#1 icetime. And so on. Galchenyuk came here as one of the guys to watch by every expert out there. Reason why there's some emphasis on him.

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