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Originally Posted by Stjonnypopo View Post
I dislike how people are critical of Eklund. He writes about hockey, to a community of people who are interested in hockey. He obviously loves the sport and he's obviously pretty well connected too. Why can't everyone just take what he says with a grain of salt instead of whining about everything he does?
I think people take issue with the fact he passes himself off as an expert with deep connections and has such a poor success rate. If he knew who he said he knew you'd expect him to have more accurate information but he doesn't. Imagine if Bobby Mac or Dregs came out and said the stuff he does and then backtrack. They'de be run out of television. So why should Ek get a free pass??

I see nothing wrong with calling out a guy who has a success rate of 3% if he's going to put himself out there and make these predictions that 97% of the time, don't come to fruition. Play by the sword, die by the sword.

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