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01-02-2013, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
In the end they will both end up somewhere in the middle proving yet again that this entire mess could easily have been avoided.
this shouldn't happen ever. the two sides with the track record they have proven to date, should be sitting down 2-3 years in advance of an expiring CBA to work on the new one. i'm not talking about once a month bs. i mean meeting M-F from 8-5 to hammer **** out and get a new CBA in place before the current one expires.

the lost revenue one would think would dictate this. the damage to the game itself should dictate this even more so. the game is bigger and larger than one league and one PA.

especially going forward let's pray the league and PA learn from this. the damage they continue to cause, while trying to grow the game and fan base is maddening. the diehards like myself will return. in some cases we will curtail our spending. some won't return at all and say enough of the madness. they will get 'their fix' from other levels of hockey.

successful businesses DO NOT have labor/work stoppages every 5-10 years. especially when that business is considered a leisure or entertainment service. people WILL find alternatives

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