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Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
I don't see it as the same. Go look at the USA-Czech thread on the main board for reference.

Habs fans are basically crying because their top prospect isn't getting used to their 'standards.'
And I am one of them Mostly because I just can't resist.

Anyways, if there's another player on Team USA that is legitimately in the same position as Galchenyuk, I haven't seen or heard of him. And since the Habs fanbase is very passionate, you get the end result of many venting for many to see.

For myself, I'll probably post on the main boards a little less: seems like many have turned their brains off regarding Gally from overexposure.

Originally Posted by That View Post
On a side note, the main boards are a war zone right now. Galchenyuk this, Galchenyuk that. Someone was actually trying to say that Galchenyuk plays like Kessel . Another one was trying to say that Galchenyuk is soft and streaky. Sure, Galchenyuk has a bad game every now and then, it doesn't make him streaky. It makes him human. You know, sometimes I wonder if people actually watch the player play before they post.
They're both Leafs fans (based on the posts I've seen from them elsewhere). (I'm also not bashing them. Being Leafs fans probably does have a bearing on their outlook.)

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