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Just had a few thoughts on Trouba.

I know he is lighting it up and he is all the rage (with non Jets fans) but I think why I am most optimistic is not because he has 8 points and is tied for 2nd in scoring. That is obviously great but players can get hot in a format like this and it doesn't always mean that much long term. For instance if Rattie went off I am not sure it would be much of an indication of how he would fair at the next level. What has pleased me the most about Trouba is not the points its about his 200 foot game. He is very calm and collected and is showing "next level" skill sets that for my money will translate extremely well to the NHL game. Salivating at the thought of Huddy grooming him!!

It got me thinking about another theory. Michigan coach Red Berenson was ripped by LA Kings GM Dean Lombardi quote:

“This guy has never had any coaching [at the University of Michigan] … Jack just did what he wanted.”

“Michigan is the worst … For hockey people, if you’ve got a choice between a kid—all things being equal—one’s going to Michigan and one’s going to Boston University, you all want your player [going to Boston University]. Michigan’s players—[head coach] Red [Berenson] doesn’t coach. It’s ‘do what you want.’ He gets the best players in the country.”

Now lets assume for a moment that Lombardi was right and that Berenson didn't give JJ special treatment because of his abundant skills. Perhaps what was a toxic fit for Johnson is a perfect fit for Trouba and let me explain. Jack probably needed to work on his complete game and Michigan was not the right place to groom his defensive skills. However, Jacob arrived in Michigan with very developed defensive skills for his age and if anything his offensive skills might have been a slight lagging area? So Jacob is allowed a bit more freedome due too Berenson's system and we are seeing the results at the WJC. The moment he gets control of the puck his head is up and he is looking for the one time breakout or stretch pass. Also he is pretty aggressive joining the rush and also releasing and committing down low in the O zone especially, but not limited to, the power play. Most of Trouba's play style wise is no suprise to me although the level he is executing it at makes me lift an eyebrow while I smile. What does suprise me is his committment to the attack and his aggression. Who knows maybe we have Red to thank for that?

edit: full disclouser on the article above here was JJ's response and the writer (Lance Callahan) of the article's opinion on the attack

Johnson replied in the LA Times Today:

“I’m a Michigan man. I’m very proud of it. I wouldn’t have it any other way … Michigan has produced more NHL players than any other school. Even the U.S. development program, people rip that and they just don’t know anything about it and don’t know what they’re talking about.”

“(Red Berenson) is one of the finest coaches and men that I’ve met. For my general manager to rip (him) as a person and criticize me as a person and as a player and call me an awful hockey player is irresponsible and unprofessional.”

My Opinion: At U of M in the CCHA, Jack Johnson was a man amongst boys. Berenson runs a tight ship, saying the players “do what they want” is laughable! Red put Johnson all over the ice to take advantage of his obvious skill. I view Lombardi’s comments as a way of him trying to stoke a fire in Johnson.

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