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Originally Posted by jekoh View Post
That's something they agree on with their employees, not with the IOC. They're entitled to nothing else than whatever they could get in exchange from said employees.
Ya, solid arguments jekoh, and I do understand & empathize with your own & many others perspective on the matter. Respectfully disagree though. Remember, what fun would life be if we all just agreed on everything?

Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
Majority of the Northen hemisphere is very interested in them and that is enough.
Ya, more than enough of an excuse to absolutely print money. No problem with that concept whatsoever, and I quite enjoy the Winter Games, all of the Nordic & Alpine disciplines. Wasnt until the moder era that they separated the calendar years of both Summer & Winter Games, a dictate made by sponsors & broadcasters they were only to happy to accommodate. Thing is, how are you supposed to maintain the Olympic ideal of "inclusiveness" when the entire southern hemisphere of the planet is "excluded"? ... Its a flat out cash grab. No if's, and's or but's about it. So if you want pro's participating, be they from the Swiss, Finnish, Swedish, British, Italian or whatever other professional hockey league guys are coming from, including of course the NHL & KHL, insofar as Im concerned, youd better be sharing the wealth. Otherwise, how about every single country participating simply sends their top University or College squads, or a team of All Stars from the halls of academia by country? And no Ringers allowed.

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