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01-02-2013, 01:37 PM
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Originally Posted by blendini View Post
It's too hard to predict what a short season will mean to any team. If what you say is true, then TO should make the playoffs without Lu. Even if they do, it is unlikely that Lu will take them to the promised land (he couldn't even do that with Van), I still think it is better for them to evaluate their goalies this year and hang on to their prospects and 1st pick. Next year, there will be a better pick of goalies on the ufa market.

You're right, it's too hard to predict a shorter season. Then again, I have trouble predicting the actual breaks over a full 82 game season, so it's the same for me either way.

Point is, a large change in the cap is necessary for teams to shake loose their starters. If we take the median number of 64m (60m low end, 67m high end), then that's one, maybe two high end players moving from each team max. The rest will be depth. Do you think a starter level goalie shakes loose and the leafs are able to capitalize given that framework? Who would it be? Howard from DET? What's Smith outside of PHX? Backstrom from MIN? Of the options, only Howard would seem like a fix, and it's likely both Howard and Smith stay with their respective clubs.

Backstrom is likely the prime candidate, let's see if TOR is able to snag him in FA.

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