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01-02-2013, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by That View Post
Much better game from Galchenyuk. Still has some work to do, kind of hard to when your getting 10 minutes of ice time though. He looked far more engaged today. Carried the puck better, moved quicker, and seemed more interesting in playing the full length of the ice. I found it interesting how his best plays, whether that be scoring chances, or defensive plays, were in the centre of the ice. Maybe a full change of linemates isn't required to get him going, just a simple change of roles. Galchenyuk, up until today, looked confined to one side of the ice. In Sarnia, Sarault and Boucher let Galchenyuk do what he wants and just get open. Maybe that's all Karuly and Barber need to do. I mean how times have Galchenyuk, Kuraly, and Barber bumped into each other, or have been in the same place in the offensive zone at the same time.

On a side note, the main boards are a war zone right now. Galchenyuk this, Galchenyuk that. Someone was actually trying to say that Galchenyuk plays like Kessel . Another one was trying to say that Galchenyuk is soft and streaky. Sure, Galchenyuk has a bad game every now and then, it doesn't make him streaky. It makes him human. You know, sometimes I wonder if people actually watch the player play before they post.
These boards are quite pointless, every team fan base just tries to pimp their prospects. Very little objectivity.

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