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Originally Posted by wpgsilver View Post
Interesting discussion on hockey central.
Nick Kypreos apparently has heard that the NHL and NHLPA have talked about adding four teams to the playoffs. Not clear if it would just be for the shortened season (to increase revenue) or if it would be a lasting change.
There's been some discussion of this on the main board.

If you just do it this year, then there's a bit of an asterisk beside the eventual Cup winner, right? (I mean, there may be an asterisk anyway because of a shortened regular season). Also, in terms of revenue generation, what sense does it make to add a possible 12-28 playoff games (12 games if 4 best-of-5 series go 3 games each, 28 if 4 best-of-sevens go the distance) when you could play an extra week and give every team an extra 3-4 games (90-120 regular season games). Are wildcard playoff games going to be worth 5- to 10-times more than regular season games?

So it only makes sense if this is the new playoff system going forward. And a 20 team playoff sucks. Sure, more teams get in. But then you have a wildcard round that adds up to 2 weeks to the playoffs. 12 teams get that wildcard bye - on one hand, they get to rest up; OTOH, they lose momentum/get rusty. The 8 wildcard teams get an extra series of wear-and-tear. Does LA win the Cup if they have to grind it out for 2 weeks against Calgary in a Wildcard round before facing the Canucks? Do the well-rested Canucks win the Cup instead? It's a terrible thing to contemplate...

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