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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
I really don't think it takes much intuition or savvy to realize the majority of owners don't want a canceled season. I also think the decision to push things this far was made WELL before the last month or so.

Its not like Fehr is reading the tea leaves of the past month of so and thats when he came to a realization that the majority of owners don't want to cancel the season. The NHLPA already had a plan in place to push things to this point with that very idea in mind. Since it wouldn't make much sense to push things like they have if they didn't think that was the case.

The NHLPA/Fehr game plan going into the summer was to push the talks until the season was in jeopardy. The PA felt putting the season on the brink was the best way for them to get some leverage and get a deal they could live with. Thats why they dragged their feet on making proposals at all. When they did actually make them, they put de-linkage poison pills in knowing the NHL would never go for them. Or nitpick each item knowing full well the NHL proposals were meant to be looked at as a whole. Thus pushing talks further down the road and closer to the season in jeopardy. Many players comments have alluded to this strategy. Steve Ott's recent comments come to mind as an example.

I sure hope so. I didn't really think I was missing NHL hockey that much, particularly with how busy I have been with my coaching duties. But after watching the Amerks on TV a few times recently it made me realize how much I really do miss watching the games.
You might not feel this way, but you sound as if you feel this extended lockout is the NHLPA's fault (mostly anyway). The NHL came out of the gate with an absolutely ridiculous offer that was roundly criticized from all corners of the hockey world as both unfair and a transparent negotiating ploy. All that did was strengthen the players' resolve and cause them to dig their heels in more than they already planned on. What kind of message did the NHL send? Sounded to me like, "you better put the gear away and grab a Snickers, because this is going to take a while".

This entire process has not been anything remotely close to a "give and take" negotiation, it's been entirely about how much the NHL will take. In what world would anyone expect the NHLPA to NOT play the 'union negotiating tactic' playbook to the hilt after that? Maybe it would've gone this route anyway, but when one side is only looking at how much they will lose, after already having their tail handed to them 7 years ago but seeing revenue almost skyrocket, would anyone expect them to not do whatever is necessary to lose as little as possible?

I don't like the situation, but I find it real hard to blame the NHLPA very much, even if the economics do need to sway toward the NHL. The league and owners simply haven't done a very convincing job of crying poor man after spending like drunken sailors, middle rung teams and wealthy teams alike, every season. Crying poor after forcing an unviable expansion plan to markets that can't compete.

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