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Originally Posted by Rhodes 81 View Post
the passing game won't be why the falcons lose, the o-line will
the defense isn't good but it's a takeaway machine, so they can generally hold the other team to a manageable score. white, jones, and gonzalez pretty much all need double coverage, which obviously isn't possible, but any team that can still get a solid pass rush with only 4 rushers is the falcons' worst nightmare. the falcons survive on the fact that on any given play, they will most likely have two recievers open, but if you can contain roddy, julio, and tony and force ryan to go the douglas or one of the backs, you'll really hurt them.

the lack of a running game is a bit overblown though, imo. turner isn't what he used to be and rodgers isn't really an every down back at all, but they don't get nearly as many opportunities as they did ryan's first few years in the league. it's easy to complete short passes with the offense, so there's just little incentive to run them much. i feel like in the playoffs the pass/rush ratio will even out a bit and you'll see higher rushing totals.
IMO the only teams that can take out all of the weapons ATL has at home are the 49ers and the Broncos. I expect GB to beat the 49ers. I have ATL in the SB but if they face Denver, I can't fathom Peyton losing in a dome, especially with Denver's ability to potentially contain the Falcons offense.

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