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I highly doubt he'd put up 150+ on Red Deer this year, people massively underrate the importance of team mates and team styles to scoring numbers, especially in junior hockey. Red Deer are a low scoring team with a defence first mentaltiy, RNH would certainly change that a bit, but I doubt it would be enough for RNH to put up literally the highest scoring WHL season in literally 20 years. Red Deer's current scoring leader (Elson) has put up just 26 points so far this year, to put that into context he's roughly 80th in the league in points, and there are 7 different WHLers with over twice as many points (7 players have put up 53-66 points). RNH isn't a guy who takes over all by himself, he's more of an elite thinker/playmaker, on the current Red Deer team I'm not even sure he leads the WHL in scoring.

Every year we see relatively no-name players put up amazing numbers on stacked, run and gun offensive teams, while terrific prospects put up much more modest numbers on less stacked, defence first teams. Not sure why people are looking at this in a vacuum, CHL numbers need to be looked at with MASSIVE context in mind, and I think it's pretty clear that RNH would be in a poor position to put up monster numbers. CHL numbers also do not just increase linearly even if the player is improving. Tavares put up 72 goals and 134 points as a 16 year old, then played two more seasons where he improved a lot, but he didn't come particularly close to those numbers again.

Voted 100-125, though my actual guess would be somewhere around 120-130 assuming he played a standard long junior season (say 68 games or so). He would be the best player in the league by far, though.

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