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Originally Posted by OlTimeHockey View Post
If Rich Kromm scored 40 goals regularly, the Tonelli trade would have been one of the best trades ever. So yeah, I see your point. If Rick put up 40 win seasons regularly, it would have been one of the best contracts ever. But he signed after several injuries and his unorthidox style which combined with massive weight training could only lead to disaster (which I said years ago and knew he'd be an injured gimp if you go back to my posts around 2002).

But yeah, if Rick won 40 games instead of sitting 80, he'd be a great contract. And going back to 2002, six goalie coaches could not get him to play smarter. No trainer could convince him to rest long enough. So....stupid contract for Meathead. How do you say "Meathead" in German?
Meathead seems a bit harsh. Again, not sure what the guy has done except get hurt and not retire. Hard to trash him for that. I know some people called him cocky, but from what I remember most of the cockiness was post-draft, when he was 18-20 years old.

As far as everything else, I would blame the front office/ownership for the whole situation. I suppose they could have changed his style a bit, but didn't they draft him because they thought he could "revolutionize" the goaltender position? What would be the point of sticking an anchor on him considering his goaltending qualities themselves were never good enough alone to put him in the elite, Henrik Lundqvist category. He was a solid goalie pre-injury, but his goaltending abilities + his ability to play the puck is what could have made him great. IMO, it would have gone against everything(trading away Luongo and drafting Ricky instead of Gaborik/Heatley) had they tried to eliminate or even limit that aspect of his game.

Regardless, the contract never made sense. Even if he had no injury history, it wouldn't have made sense. Even if he was Lundqvist, it wouldn't have made sense. 15-year contracts really shouldn't even be discussed, much less offered.

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