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01-02-2013, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by jbalbi View Post
If my team had a top pick, I wouldn't want them touching this guy with a ten foot pole. Absolutely brutal WJC, not necessarily just statistically, but consistently out of position offensively, refuses to take the body defensively and seems to struggle skating with the skill players on the international size ice. This tournament has been a red flag to me. Beating up 16 year olds that are half your size in Portland all season is one thing. IMO his weaknesses are being exposed big time against the world class talent.

Teams with top five draft picks should take one of the great center prospects available despite their needs and take a project guy with upside like Bowey, etc... early to mid second round.
Total facepalm of a post.

1. Your talking about a horribly small sample size, with him trying to match up against the elite players in the world who are already older than him in almost all cases.

2. Beating up on 16 year old's in Portland? Jones is consistently matched against other teams top players...who are aged 16-20...

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