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Originally Posted by YakuBOT View Post
How does Ekblad stack up to Jones?
I'm probably a homer, but I think Ekblad is the better prospect.

Jones is better offensively, rushes the puck up more and is a bit flashier. He's pretty creative at times too. Ekblad is a great piece to have on the powerplay. He can be either the shooter or QB, and isn't afraid to go down low. Jones is the better player offensively right now, but Ekblad still is growing in that aspect. Both players make excellent first passes too.

Defensively, Ekblad is better. Jones is fantastic in his own zone (despite what people will say who've only watched the WJC), but Ekblad is just unreal. I know this sounds absolutely crazy, but the Colts biggest loss right now is not Scheifele or Camara. It's Ekblad. No one knows how to play defense for the Colts right now. Ekblad makes the simple play every time, whereas Jones does not. Ekblad has a more active stick and never cheats. It may hurt his offensive production, but he doesn't get burned at all really. Jones still is very good though, but has more to improve in his own end than Ekblad does.

Both can dominate a game physically, not necessarily with huge hits, but by using their bodies well, clearing the front of the net, and winning board battles. Neither are overly physical, but I'd give the edge to Ekblad here, he simply does not lose puck battles. Both can be beasts when they want to be though.

Jones and Ekblad both have lots of room to grow. I think Ekblad is a better prospect, but both are first overall talents in my mind. If I had to project them, I'd say Jones will be better offensively. He'll take more risks and consistently put up more points. Ekblad will be better defensively, but won't put up quite the numbers that Jones does. I think a large portion of his production will come from the powerplay.

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