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Originally Posted by chrisralph007 View Post
Question for ikelechien:

At this point of the WJCs, any stocks rising and falling for you, keeping in mind that this is just one aspect of a prospect's "body of work"?
Chris, in response to your Q, the players who I believe will move up are:

1. Canada – Jonathan Drouin – 4g, 4pts, +5 – Can’t go too much higher as he almost at the top now but I am guessing that he will move up on most lists – for me likely from 4 to 3. Will he make number 1, let’s wait till the smoke clears. Love the guy!!!

2. Russia – Albert Yarullin – 5g, 3pts, +0 – When teams arrange their defenses to accommodate a particular player, you know that player has something going for him. I had him 3rd round when he was first eligible in 2011 and I only had him that low because of the Russian factor. Not aware of him being signed by anyone so I can’t believe NHL teams will pass him up a 3rd time – where he goes is a game for Russian roulette aficionados.

3. Slovakia, Marko Dano – 4g, 5pts, -1 – The pest of Slovakia is finally getting a chance to show his stuff against his age group to North American fans. I currently have him mid-third (76) and he could go to late 2nd. And he will start to appear on other lists as well.

4. USA – Ryan Hartman – 5g, 3pts, +4 – Liked the guy before the big stage, like him even more now. I still see him as 2nd round (currently 41 on my list) as the 1st round is mainly for scorers but he is likely to move up for sure.

5. Sweden – Alexander Wennberg – 4g, 3pts, +4 – Getting some needed exposure to North American audiences so he is unlikely to remain under the radar. I think the secret is out and we may start to see him late 1st round on some lists. He is currently 36 on my list.

6. Switzerland – I haven’t seen much of them so maybe someone else can add who could go in the first three rounds from their team – Given their impressive performance, there should be one or two from them.

7. Others – I am sure there are others I have missed but the above would be first thoughts.

As for players who will go down, I don’t think anyone will really go down based on the U20’s – however, they may be surpassed by players on the way up.

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