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01-02-2013, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Seedling View Post
What about Detroit? They should be in the east. Problem is, who would you take out of the east?
Well that's the one in the east is further west than Detroit (before Atlanta was) and both Columbus and Nashville are further east (Nashville being in the central time zone effectively diffuses any hope they'd have of being moved east, though).

Expansion would go a long ways to solve this problem...but only if both teams are more western than Detroit, and it seems likely one would be on the west coast (read: Seattle) and one would be in eastern those two would off-set things and again you'd just have Columbus and Detroit fighting for Winnipeg's spot in the east (even if re-alignment essentially kills the Eastern and Western Conferences, both teams are more interested in playing more games in their own time zone than anything).

Promise or no, I still think it should be Columbus moving east in the end. They're further east and they'd benefit greatly from moving into the same conference as Pittsburgh and Buffalo. Those are guaranteed sellouts at Nationwide, probably when Toronto comes to town too. If Detroit goes east then Columbus loses their one real automatic sellout in their conference. Financially it'd be better for the league to put Columbus in the east...and logically it makes more sense too.

I wouldn't be surprised if the straight swap happened this year...but I'm expecting things stay status quo for one more year and radical re-alignment takes place next year (followed by expansion in Seattle and QC within 3-4 years). Throwing re-alignment into this could complicate things that are on such a short time frame, but that time frame is a good reason to do just that. If it's a straight swap then the schedules don't need to be tweaked any from what's surely in development right now, and Columbus playing a southeast schedule would be far less of a travel hell for everyone involved in an extremely compressed schedule than Winnipeg in the southeast would.

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