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It is now very cliched to hear of someone being able to make plays at top speed, but I think Pavel Bure actually did this.
If you look at many of his break away goals, he's moving so fast by the time he makes his final deke, he almost appears to be out of control. As you watch, you are almost left a little bit in fear bc he's moving so fast, you can't help but wonder what would happen if he runs into the goalie, goal posts or end boards.

Best skater is hard to define though. For me, I always think of the guys with the best combination of speed with an effortless stride. Bure definitely did not have an effortless stride (like Paul Coffey).

Some great names mentioned here.

I think Paul Lawless was a beautiful skater. Like someone said though, being a great skater doesn't make you a hockey player, it just gives you a big leg up.

Not to nit pick, but someone mentioned Rod Langway's wheels being responsible for his Norris'...
That is definitely not how I remember Langway...
Anyone else care to comment?

I mentioned Paul Lawless. Another guy I remember from the Nucks, and a former 1st rounder that fizzled, is Jose Charbonneau. He had a great set of wheels on him too, unfortunately, he could only use them to his advantage in roller hockey.

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