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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
This is pure revisionism, the trade with St. Louis really was the start of the turnaround for the Canucks, Bure had a great start in Vancouver and was an electrifying player but there is some crap going on here in his description and impact on a team.

Linden was the true leader and inspiration on that team and lead the Canucks in scoring in 92 followed by Ronning and with good contributions, especially in the playoffs, by Courtnall and Momessio.

Lumme was also a very good addition and captain Kirk found his stride in 92 as well.

Little kids and uniformed people would look to the bright shiny new object Bure, and man he was very electrifying to say the least, but this attempt at a rewrite of his impact on the team is just plain revisionism to say the least.

Regular minutes for Worrell?

Uh okay, more revisionism and yes Pavel was great that year but teams still make playoffs not any single player.

The biggest difference was that Florida while scoring more goals than in 99 also cut down on goals allowed but it all came to a halt in the 1st round.

Where in my post did I downplay Linden's role and say that the Canucks were a one-man team? I was only responding to people's claims that Bure sat at the blueline and waited for outlet passes, THAT is revionist history.

As for Worrell, he had no business being in the NHL let alone playing 70+ games and averaging almost 10 minutes a game. By "regularly" I meant that he was frequently in the lineup, not that he played a ton of minutes.

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