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01-02-2013, 04:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Qward View Post
Yeah and there was a time when if you told someone that they would move a Canadian team to the desert they would laugh in your face.

I am not saying they are going to move next year, arena's usually have a 35 year life span. The arena is 15 years old, If they are still treading water in 20 years, they will be moved.
Why talk about something that's not going to happen for 20 years, then?

Florida isn't going anywhere anytime soon. People need to learn to accept that.

Madison is too small for a NHL team (especially because they'd play second fiddle to the Badgers in what is a firm college town) and Milwaukee certainly can't support both a NBA team and a NHL team...though I doubt many people there would balk at trading the Bucks for a NHL team. What works against Wisconsin is that the population is too spread out. Milwaukee is the hub, but it's not exactly a huge city (metro is slightly smaller than Nashville). Considering Milwaukee already has two teams and essentially the Packers (Green Bay is 120 miles north...the Packers aren't still in Green Bay without their proximity to Milwaukee) it's a hard sell to put another in there.

It's possible down the road, but I don't see them in a prime position to get a team in the near future.

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