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Originally Posted by UnrealMachine View Post
List of potential negatives of having Crosby/Malkin kill penalties:

1. Reduced ES/PP time.
2. Less energy on ES/PP time (PK is draining on a players energy system).
3. Increased risk of injury.
4. Worse PK. There is nothing to suggest that the Pens would kill penalties at a higher rate with Crosby/Malkin. Intuition and general defensive statistics (individual 5 on 5 GAA) says that the PK would be worse.
5. Marginal increase in SH goals. People salivate over the idea of Crosby/Malkin scoring SH goals at will, but it is unlikely to have a significant impact. It is much more likely that that the increased number of goals given up with Crosby/Malkin on the ice dwarfs the number of additional SH goals by a country mile.

Instead of looking a small sample size (Flyers series), look at the entire regular season of the Flyers PK last season. Their PK rate and SH rate in the regular season were not enviable at all. The Flyers had 6 SH goals all season.
Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
The whole reason we don't use them is injury potential. PK puts players in a vulnerable position. Given our injury luck the last few years it's not surprising. I would say they should be used in key PK situations in the playoffs, not as regulars. Get them familiar with the system and their role and when we need to keep the other team honest / score SH to get back in a game that means a lot, use them. Otherwise not. The fact is they're not going to be adept at blocking shots and all they have to do is take one in the hand and they're out for 6 weeks. Doesn't need to be a concussion thing or a knee thing. Lots of ways to get hurt playing the PK.

Not worth it with those two.
Completely agree with these two points. It's not worth the injury risk. If other teams put their top guys on the PK regularly and have success, that's fine, let them. When Claude Giroux breaks his ankle off a Chara point shot you'll see a change in strategy pretty quick.

The Penguins pay guys to kill penalties just so the stars don't have to.

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