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01-02-2013, 04:31 PM
Hugo Sham
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Originally Posted by Frozenice View Post
You're huh is just plain wrong and Hab's management was far more competent then NJ or Detroit's through their lean years. Skew the facts any way you want, it doesn't make them any more truer.

This a trading forum and if you don't want to discuss trading players, what's the point of being here.

Plekanec is far from being an irreplaceable piece and I think one of the core incompetencies of previous management has been doing what you recommend, namely keep Plekanec until he's worth nothing and then let him go for next to nothing.
someone's hurt. sowwy. habs management was more competent? show me. after all. people skew the facts any way they want. just a quick reminder, trading forums also include arguments for not trading that particular player. i never said plekanecs was irreplaceable, i said we stink at center and it was easier to find him a quality winger than trade him. you mustn't spend much time in montreal if you think habs' brass will endure another year like last.

at just 30 with 4 more years on his contract and still in his prime - 20+ goals, avg 55+ points last 5 years (not including nightmare of last year) - he shouldn't be the target of dealing guys past their prime. he's not a guy who's worth 'nothing' and not anywhere near the top of the list of guys who require being traded first. that list includes markov, bourque, gionta, kaberle etc...

you need to reevaluate your pro scouting skills

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