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Originally Posted by Jet View Post
The problem with this is we like to roll with information that can be fact checked here. If not, then anyone can say that they know this or that person, and second hand information that may or may not be true would become fact. We wouldn't know what to believe. I am not saying that you are lying, I am just saying that it really opens the door for people to say whatever they want about something and present it as some kind of fact.

I know a lot of connected people in hockey circles in Winnipeg, as do many other HF Jets posters. However, we have established protocol here to ensure that the information that flows here is dependable. If it's not a vetted source, it's hogwash IMHO until it's proven otherwise.

I think the vast majority of posters here appreciate the fact that we work hard to keep information here as pure as possible. People come here to get the quickest most up to date information on the Jets and NHL and we want them to be able to rely on the forum for that.
I never really looked at it that way I totally see your point now,I really enjoy reading these forums and when I am given some info I am just excited to share it from a fans the fact that I am a nobody who happens to know another nobody who out of pure luck (he's not even a huge hockey fan)ends up getting together with said jets brass because of his wifes friend circle I really trust where it is coming a fan I dont want to share a lot of the negative I hear even though that is usually the most interesting stuff because I want the jets to succeed and l don't want players to not want to play in Winnipeg.regardless I respect how this forum is run never really knew what is or isn't ok to post so in the future I will take that into consideration.

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