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01-02-2013, 04:49 PM
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If in fact there is some balance of games this year, I think a lot of people craving the devils / hockey like crazy are going to wish it never started in the first place. Never mind all the ******** that came along with this lockout, when you get back to the hockey / team part, well NJ has a very good chance of struggling this season*. No more Parise. The team is older and they're also relying on two very old goaltenders who may not have enough time to get on a roll. Henrique is still hurt. This has the potential to be a pretty messy 3 months.

But overall, I agree with those of you who will be returning cautiously. It's definitely not going to be the same at first. ****, I know that I definitely don't feel the way I did after the prior lockouts. I couldn't wait for hockey to start back then. This time, not so much. I watched the Devils march to within 2 wins of the Cup but it might as well have happened 15 years ago. No carryover excitement or anything. It's just very hard to get excited about millionaires passing a puck around when they've made it loud and clear to you that this is business through and through.

And I will be absolutely blown away if the NHL gives centerice for free this year. I personally don't feel that it makes up for anything, but I'd be super shocked if they went down that road. Nothing is for free with these guys. Ever.

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