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01-02-2013, 04:52 PM
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This time, not so much. I watched the Devils march to within 2 wins of the Cup but it might as well have happened 15 years ago.
See, that's why it's easier for me to get back into it, that run made a lot of difference in how I'm feeling now imo. That and the fact that no Devils have even uttered a peep of inflammatory nonsense since the lockout began. I can't imagine how bitter I'd be if we'd lost Game 6 of the first round to the Panthers, and some guys were popping off at the mouth during this lockout. Even just the former happening would have made me a lot more ambivalent about hockey coming back.

And I do get what you're saying about the team as is possibly struggling now, especially with Marty's recent habit of needing two months to shake the rust off but personally I'll just be glad the Devils are back. Especially considering my two other sports teams are run just as badly as the NHL

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