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Originally Posted by dave babych returns View Post
That seems like revisionist history to me.

Sure Nonis stepped up and traded what it took to get Luongo but Auld was an almost serviceable NHL goaltender, Allen played up to his potential but it was nowhere near what it had once been as he missed tons of development time with injuries including an entire season iirc - even before that I thought he was a huge step down from Stuart at #3 in that draft. As for Bertuzzi, you can call him "a superstar.. with some baggage" but he was in the process of playing his way off the team for sure.. those ppg+ seasons were two years in the rearview mirror and counting at that point, nevermind the "baggage."

If Mike Keenan had sold Luongo for close to his true worth rather than deciding to cut him loose after a tense contract negotiation and immediately acting on his years old ***** for Bert, I doubt Nonis would have had the stones to pull the trigger on a deal as big as it would have taken.
Absolutely. But you also have to take into consideration had Bert not been so injury prone he probably wouldn't have the dramatic decline. He was still a PPG player a his age and prime. To say Luongo is passed his prime would be rather foolish. We all know what he is capable of as we have seen in previous years.

Still Nonis did have the cahoons to pull the deal off knowing that what Bert did may or may not have played a roll in how he played for the rest of his career. At the time we were trading for fair value IMO. Regardless it takes two to tango. Who's to say that Nonis doesn't have a man crush on Luongo as much as Keenan did for Bert?

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