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Originally Posted by Linters View Post
Because Canada is the country held together by hate for each other.

The British Columbians hate the East because they don't feel they get equal representation. Everybody else hates the British Columbians because they are seen as whiners that don't have to experience real winter.
The Albertans hate everybody else because they view them as mooching off their resources. Everybody else hates the Albertans because they are seen as a bunch of red kneck hill billies.
The Prairies hate everybody else because they mooch off their wheat. Everybody else hates the prairies because they are too damn flat and cold.
The Ontarians hate everybody else because they refuse to acknowledge that Ontario is the best province. Everybody hates Ontarians because they think they are the centre of the world.
The Quebecers hate everybody else because they aren't French. Everybody hates Quebec because they are French.
The North hates everybody else because they feel neglected. Everybody else hates the North because they keep on complaining about not having basic necessities like food and shelter.

And the reason we stick together is so that we can continue to spite each other.

That being said everybody likes the Maritimes, such nice people and they have great accents.
lmao, well there's all the Canadian stereotypes for ya.

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