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01-02-2013, 05:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Antithesis View Post
I'm not so sure the return we'd get on a 32 year old, 7.5 million cap hit last year contract Marian Gaborik would be, in a cap retraction year what we might like.
It all depends on what Gabby does with his NTC...

...if he just waives it, the return would be good. We forget that as NYR fans, we never really face the reality of many clubs. Its downright impossible for many of them to attract any kind of big name UFA's. Hence why Montreal traded for Scott Gomez for example. For 3-4 years Montreal bid for any big names out there, and didn't get any of them basically. Its easy to complain on trading for Gomez, and in hindsight it was a disaster, but for a team like that what's second best is often pretty horrible to. Look at what Calgary has paid for lately. They are almost giving Gabby money to Jiri Hudler...

Since we basically couldn't take money back, or I doubt it would be worth it for us to take money back (the more room we have, the longer we can tie up McD and co, it will definitely come back and hunt us if we only give McD, Stepan and co 1-2 year deals), its hard to speculate on what we might get. But if he waived his NTC completely, the return would definitely be decent.

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