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Originally Posted by CoolForumNamePending View Post
Ya... I would think when the NHL uses the term "grow the game" what they really mean is "make the NHL as popular in the US as possible". Given the size and wealth of the market that is hardly a bad idea. I don't think the NHL has a whole lot of concern about the health of the sport in a places like the Czech Rep, Latvia, Russia, Switzerland, etc.

To be honest though I think by being so resistant to international hockey they are missing opportunities to "grow the game" in the US. Hockey can offer the US something that most other team sports, with any meaningful profile, can't... Relatively competitive and interesting international competition (unlike football) where the US usually has a realistic chance of winning (unlike soccer) but isn't the overwhelming favourite to the point where it would be bigger news if the don't win (unlike basketball).
I meant grow the game in the U S. As the other poster accurately stated the Olympics is more mainstream in the U S. The same thing you're saying, many potential fans would catch the game during the Olympic coverage. Best to have the best players out there showcasing the thing.

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