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Originally Posted by Modo View Post
Puckgenius, if you seriously have a hard time paying $25 for a decent pair of're in for a rough life.

Try Payless next time.
When you find out how cheap it is to makes shoes and how cheap they are overseas, you will understand. I spend about $80 on my work shoes (and those are outlet prices, I will never buy work shoes from a reg store) and I usually buy a new pair every 3 years. But those we wear everyday. Theres no way althetic shoes should be more than that.

$25 was fine for the shoes I got today, I just felt I should be getting a better quality pair for not much more. But these are good enough for the next few years.

Originally Posted by orangecrush8 View Post
I usually hit the Nike outlet stores to get my shoes.

I got these on Boxing Day for $45

Just found the same style on Sportchek for $139.
Ya I would have no problem paying $45 for those.

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