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12-11-2003, 09:49 AM
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This is the last I'm going to bother responding to you because you are either a troll, or a confused kid (though you are supposed to be 17) but let me just point out a few more (obvious) things.

You seem to like to avoid cold, hard facts.

You've ignored what I told you about Cassels and Nolan. You've ignored huge factual discrepencies in terms of when GM's were hired and fired and how that directly disputes 'claims' you've made.

You've also (repeatedly) ignored that your "uncle's" title was Adminstrative Assistant to the General Manager.

You keep calling hm the Assistant GM.

There's a huge difference.

During that era, Lise Beaudry carried the title "Adminstrative Assistant to the President." Same title.

So by your logic, you think Ms. Lise Beaudry was second in command after Ronald Corey in the Montreal Canadiens organization?


Of course not - she was his secretary!

Maybe you are touchy because it's family, but haven't some of these FACTS made it clear to you that your uncle lied to you?

Isn't the FACT that he told you the Sharks deal included Owen Nolan, yet was negotatied by Serge Savard (and impossibility cause Nolan never played in San Jose during Savard tenure) enough to doubt your Uncle's credibilty?

What about the FACT that Andrew Cassels never suffered an injury with Vancouver during Rejean Houle's tenure. Isn't that FACT, which totally disputes your alleged reasoning behind the Linden/Bertuzzi offer enough to make you doubt him?

FACT - Mike Keenan negotiated for weeks to acquire Pierre Turgeon, Craig Conroy and Rory Fitzpatrck from Houle. Your uncle claimed that Houle accepted the first offer. For this not to be a lie out of your uncles mouth, Keenan has to be lying, and his motive would be to make himself look LESS clever. Keenan, known for his arrogance, instead of saying 'your' truth, that he duped Houle with the first offer, instead lies - about himself - and says he worked on the deal for weeks. Makes a lot of sense.

You KNOW he told you three lies right there. You KNOW, according to the Montreal Canadiens Official Guides that his title WAS NOT Assistant GM.

Yet you are still in here arguing, and just ignoring all the facts.

Here's another fact - Stephane Quintal and Vladimir Malakhov were NEVER All-Stars during their Canadien tenures. They never 'played like' All-Stars either. You are too young to remember those years clearly, obviously, but anyone old enough here can tell you that Vlad and Stephane for Fedorov is absurd. Your uncle was pulling your leg or trying to impress you.

Either way, stop behaving like a child and calling me an idiot for telling you FACTS. There's a difference between disagreeing and name-calling.

You can 'pretend' that i'm calling you a liar out of spite or vengence, but I'm merely telling you facts, and I've also made it clear that perhaps you are not the liar, that your uncle is --- a conclusion that seems obvious if what you are saying is true, in that several things you say he told you are clearly disputed by known facts and by comments made by people involved in the trades.

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