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01-02-2013, 07:07 PM
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From Tim Panachio, covering the event in NYC for CSN Philly, he was on the news at 530 with a live report (adjourned for now, but said they are to meet again 8 pm or after)

Union made yet another counter offer to the league's counter offer on WED afternoon and talks are expected to resume at 8 pm.

On the NHLPA offer:

The NHL is reviewing it.

Pensions continue to be a focal point for player unrest even though you have a half-dozen other issues still out there, including length of CBA, length of contracts, and especially, the salary cap for 2013-14 which the players insist has to go to at least $65 million.

Here's the rub on pensions: the union wants the league to subsidize it 100% and to guarantee its security. That is, who assumes liability of an owner goes to default? If a franchise moves or worse, it folds?

Lotta players feel this issue was settled on Dec. 6 and are not stunned there is no agreement.

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