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01-02-2013, 06:47 PM
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*In the locker room we find Marf sitting down with a dejected look on his face while iRep stands in front of him, apparently reaming him out*

iRep: Seriously, how many damn matches do we need to lose because of your idiocy!? Stop with the God damn pies!

Marf: B-but I love pies!

iRep: That's fine but don't bring that **** to the ring! We used to be tag champs and now we job out to these losers invading our territory!

Marf: I'm sorry! I've been really unfocused lately...

iRep: You've been unfocused since the company started dammit!!! No more pies and comedy ******** when we have a match, whether it be singles or tag, do you understand?

*Marf can barely make eye contact at this point*

Marf: I don't understand why they booed me...

iRep: Because you're an idiot! I'm sorry but it is the damned truth Marf. It was funny until everyone realized you peaked in the 1st month the company was opened. Then there was the Farm ******** which somehow made less sense than you usually make. Farm backwards doesn't even spell Marf!

Marf: I admit, that was a terrible ploy to get more TV time...I didn't think it would cost us the titles as well as our fans.

iRep: You didn't think period! Somewhere in there is a great competitor but all I see right now is a poor man's Santino Marella and it makes me sick to even look at you!

Marf: That's harsh man.

iRep: No...this is harsh...

*iRep suddenly slaps Marf across the face fiercely!*

iRep: Get your **** together or we are done as a team and I am done watching your half-******** ass!

*iRep storms off while Marf holds his cheek, a mixture of shock, horror and brooding rage meshing together on his face*

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