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01-02-2013, 07:03 PM
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Originally Posted by jedimyrmidon View Post
I would be inclined to believe that if, based on what I have seen and what others have posted, there were any indication that Galchenyuk actually "hurt" the team enough to warrant him now being used as a 4th liner. I also don't think it's any stretch to claim Kuraly has been atrocious as a center. Who in their right mind would use Kuraly as a center over Galchenyuk? There's just no way. Charles Sarault is the center in Sarnia because he cannot play wing and he's actually a good center!

Galchenyuk didn't have his best game against Slovakia. Today's performance has nothing to do with anything because today's icetime wasn't based off of today's performance if you see what I mean (well, unless Gally made a huge mistake somewhere today that led to his line being used as the 4th) That still leaves his 3 previous games where I don't think anyone will claim Miller & co. where performing any better and thus deserved more icetime these last two games. In fact, in the first 3 games, Galchenyuk accomplished a lot more than any other forward on his team.

Calling Galchenyuk selfish is just completely unfair. Look at Yakupov trying to perform end-to-end rushes, look at Grimaldi trying to do the same. Galchenyuk has never acted as a puckhog. He didn't take any selfish penalties either. As for accepting roles, that's garbage: Galchenyuk made the team to be an offensive force, a key part of it, and everyone knows that. Now he's stuck playing with Kuraly, seeing his icetime reduced each subsequent game and hasn't done anything relative to his own teammates that would explain why he's in this position and not others - this last sentence is important.
I think we are going to differ on this, Gally took an undisciplined penalty in the 3rd period when he got caught with a clean check, I don't know why he cross checked the Czech player going to the bench, The USA was in the lead, in control of the game, he should have been a happy pup, but he acted like he was frustrated. Perhaps not happy with his ice time. This is what I am noticing about him, he gets frustrated, he sulks because he is not scoring or getting ice time as he believes he is earning. To me this is being somewhat selfish, not sure what else to call it when the name of the game is for the team to win. Maybe he matures, I have seen this act with Kessel prior to last year, he used to sulk, last year he finally grew up. But it's something to keep an eye on, it's such negative energy on a team. Think the kid will be fine, again he is learning, it doesn't have to be all about him. On this USA team there are others that can pick up the slack, as proven by the 2 lopsided wins. It's a team sport.

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