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01-02-2013, 07:26 PM
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Well they are actually meeting as we speak and have been for about an hour now so they did start early enough to get something done prior to the 12:00 deadline time.

If they disclaim they can simply reform but I can't imagine that anyone wants to go through that mess if they can avoid it.

Here's to reason in the negotiating process.

So will we see the NHLPA file a disclaimer of interest by today's deadline?

The NHLPA will only file a disclaimer of interest if it believes the sides are not close to settlement. If Donald Fehr, the head of the NHLPA, concludes that there is still a significant gap between the sides and that settlement cannot be achieved in the short term, then expect the disclaimer to be filed today. For the NHLPA, the hope was that the threat of a disclaimer could act as a catalyst to getting a deal done on terms more favourable to the players. If that doesn't work, then the act of disclaiming interest and filing an antitrust action would be the next step in trying to get a deal done.

However, if the sides are close to a new deal, the NHLPA will not file the disclaimer. Ultimately, in a case like this, a disclaimer would likely extract some leverage in negotiations. If the sides are nearing a deal, the disclaimer would become unnecessary. As well, a disclaimer adds a layer of complexity to negotiations, and would just become a distraction if the sides are close.

So the little bit of info sneaking out of the room(s) is that the two sides might have a deal in place. Additionally, both sides use these runners for various duties and I was told (for what it is worth) that they would be filling the DOI if it were to be filed and that they are still in the building with 1 hour to go.

I am guessing that these guys are the paralegals that have been hanging around each of the meetings but I suppose they could just be runners, I just don't know.

Either way, lets hope that they get it together and that this goes through.

So close............

Who cares about which side is right or which side is wrong at this point, neither side is going to use the money to lower ticket prices etc so lets just hope that they get it right so that we can watch the Kings raise the Cup Banner.

After that NHL hockey would be nice.

Oh and here is a reminder from spectors for those who were asking.

Spector's Hockey ‏@SpectorsHockey

#NHLPA doesn't have to legally "file" disclaimer of interest by midnight, Can just present #NHL letter stating disclaimer as of 11.59 et

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