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Originally Posted by KingsFan7824 View Post
Florida and Anaheim aren't really Bettman.

3 of those were former WHA teams, that were treated like 2nd class citizens in the NHL from the day they arrived.

Minnesota had plenty of issues. They were merged with another team, and were going to move to San Jose. All of which came before Bettman. Then Norm Green moved the team.

Again, there was no choice with Atlanta. The people that own the building, who weren't the original owners of the Thrashers, didn't want the Thrashers in the building anymore.

I've seen it explained here before, but apparently the Islanders have had just like the worst lease ever.

Columbus has had a bad hand dealt from the beginning, not the least of which is a bad alignment for an expansion team with no history, all so that Toronto could move east. Toronto took the easy expansion money, and then said screw you Columbus. Not that Columbus hasn't done an awful job of drafting and developing talent. Not that that's Bettman's fault.

To pin Florida and Anaheim directly on Bettman(good or bad) is unfair, as he just got on the job, so those were franchises in motion well before Bettman came along.

You had a franchise in Atlanta that had nowhere to play once the owners could get rid of them. At the same time you've got Phoenix with issues. The only city ready for a team, with willing ownership, and a building, and no other territory issues, during this time, was Winnipeg. Two teams, one city. One team wasn't going to be able to play in a building, the other team, however empty the building may be, had a building to play in.

The NHL can't get a decent TV contract because even hardcore NHL fans in traditional cities hardly watch any team but their own on TV. It's a very provincial fan base. If it's not O6 or Philly, then it doesn't exist. Pittsburgh and Washington are lucky they have Crosby and Ovechkin, because otherwise they're an afterthought at best. The only reason Vancouver matters as much as they do today is because they happen to have a particular roster that's very disagreeable. Once that goes away, they're a 10:30pm team again, which just doesn't cut it.

The Toronto's and Montreal's(and others) of the world happily took the expansion money, and then proceeded to push off all the new southern teams into their own little group, so that the only time they would have to think about them is if they happen to get an undeserved(because they play in a poor division with no history. Wow, what a terrible idea) higher seed in the playoffs.

The problems of the NHL predate Bettman by decades. The real problem was the first expansion. Other than Philly, not one of the 23 other teams that have come along since 1967 is in any way a long term success story. So have a 7 team league, and call it a day.
This is just not true at all. Toronto moved before Columbus joined the league. The plan to move Toronto was before they ever decided Columbus was joining the NHL.

And if you knew your history, you'd know Toronto was screwed over by the NHl by joining the West to begin with.

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