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Originally Posted by Mike McDermott View Post
OK... so I know I mentioned a few days ago about my growing desire to get back into working out. I could certainly use to lose a few pounds as well.

I have a few issues though and would love some input:

1) Time: I don't really have time for a gym
2) Even if I did I was never huge on the gym. Combination of finding/waiting for machines and not really enjoying just being on a machine drove my desire to go to the gym when I did have time down
3) Variety: I like variety in my work out... can't do the same thing day in and day out

So basically my question is what is out there that I can do at home that will give me variety but still get some results. I know there are all kinds of "video" work outs, out there but have no experience with them so don't know how well they work but would try one if someone who has experience with them has seen results.

Also my son has an xbox with kinect. I know there are "games" for it for working out but I don't know what ones are more geared towards being a game and what ones are geared towards working out.

Any input would be greatly welcome. Thanks.
In addition to the p90x and Insanity videos, there is also the Tapout XT video set. 12 different workouts. It involves MMA moves such as knee strikes and elbows, but it also has cardio too. It's not as intense as Insanity, but still provides a good workout. No other equipment is needed.

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