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01-02-2013, 07:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Devils1029 View Post
and the fact that more of these games will be against the flyers, penguins, and Rangers which usually aren't dollar dog nights, etc....the with games against Mtl, Toronto, Boston, - these all should be easier tix to sell if you cant make the games. At least you won't have to try to dump tix for tougher draw teams like Anaheim, Calgary, Edmonton, etc.

I'm a STH too and weekday games are tough as well but I try to make it to about 60-70% of these anyway....even if I have to go alone...
Have they even said how they'd plan a 48 game season? Would we even see the Western Conference at all? Last year it was what, 6 times a pop at the other teams in the division, that's half the season right there, 24 games left you could do home and home with the rest of the conference and have 4 games left. I'm sure a lot is going to depend on travel as well so who the hell knows how they'll tackle it.

And I actually did better with the WC teams since they were so rare to see. Teams like Florida or Toronto were a ****show to dump

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