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01-02-2013, 07:57 PM
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Originally Posted by GordonHowe View Post
Sorry to be a broken record (remember those?), but I sincerely hope the owners pay handsomely for their arrogance & greed. Especially Jacobs. Owners/management have run roughshod since the league was founded. "Chattle" indeed. Not this time.

It's hilarious & gratifying to watch Bettman, JJ, & Co. sputter indignantly as they meet their match.

God bless Donald Fehr.
Because in the real world, the people paying the money don't usually have things go their way or anything while the employees are lucky to get any concessions at all. God Bless Fehr for half a season missed and potentially more!

edit: Not that I think the owners aren't at fault as well, but if there is a side to take, in my opinion it would be the NHL's side. The players truly are like cattle with a few naively throwing out tidbits on Twitter thinking it makes them heroes or something.

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