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Originally Posted by gowhalers View Post
Well I do think that Levi may be the one on his way out, I have to agree with redwhiteandgreen that if it was up to me, it would be Aleardi on his way. All you have to do is review previous posts to know how i feel about his play. If it is playmakers and unselfish playmakers you want, he is not your guy. Yes...exciting at times...but not a team player and those are the guys needed to get the wins.
If the rumors of an argument between Noesen and Aleardi causing their benching in a game earlier this season are true, then you may be right that Aleardi will be the one shipped out, in this case to help solidify the team. While I enjoy watching Alex's rushes as much as the next fan, I wouldn't have an issue with him being the one traded.

My comments about Levi were more directed to his play handling the puck in the offensive zone this season. It seems like he has mishandled more pucks than I remember him doing in past seasons. It may be a false impression being formed by a few incidents sticking out in my mind, though.

In any case, I am pretty certain it will not be MacDonald being shipped out. As redwhiteandgreen pointed out, he has steadily improved during his time here, is a hard worker, and a team leader. That is not the type of player that Vellucci parts with.

I guess the other option is to trade Heard and not disrupt the roster, but I would hate to see that. I have always liked Heard's game and think he could help the team, provided he doesn't sulk about being sent back from the AHL. Besides, this roster needs to be shaken up.

So, if I were to put odds on who goes, I'll say:

Levi 60%
Aleardi 30%
Heard 10%

EDIT: Okay, just show I know nothing, tonight Heard, Levi and Aleardi are playing against Guelph. LOL

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