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01-02-2013, 08:12 PM
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Does every thread have to turn into a rehash of the same arguments?

I stopped watching baseball after 94 so I didn't have a good opinion of Fehr before this (although I was too young to understand the issues at that time) but there are some things that have impressed me about him:

- he doesn't listen to threats. How many times has Bettman said this was the best they could do only to come back with a better offer? Fehr's prediction that the offers will continue to get better has been dead on.

- he keeps his cool. Even when it seemed hopeless at times I haven't seen him go crazy. He keeps at it.

- he is very loyal to the people paying him. Even the people against him have to admit he is 100% dedicated to the players and getting the best deal for them at this time.

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