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Originally Posted by Superunknown94 View Post
No, I'm basing it straight off of what I saw. The +/- threads where Martin WASN"T a minus were far and few between. He's a #3 who played like a #4/5.

So what year was Martin a minus player 5v5? I missed it. The only thing I know is he unfortunately had to play with our worst Dman, Michalek for a large percentage of his shifts. Notice how his +- improved rapidly once Michalek was removed and also how Orpiks +- dropped as soon as Michalek was beside him. We all know that Letang deserves a large portion of the credit in helping Martin get back on the + side of things during the late part of the season. Just don't blame Martin for sucking in +-when he has to play along side of Michalek is all I'm saying.

Sure, I expect more out of Martin as a player and he will probably never be worth that 5 mil salary, but let's not cloud our judgement.

If you question how bad Michalek was last year (or even 2010), just look at his +- while on the ice vs the Pens +- while he was off. This has been a trend for the 2 years he was here. There was a reason the Pens accepted nothing tangible in return for him.

-.34 / 60min with Michalek on ice
+1.16 / 60min without Michalek off ice

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