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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Not sure but maybe the english rule for "we" is the same that the one for the "on" in french. It excludes the person who's talking...
That makes zero sense but I kno what you're trying to say.

Honestly I think we are over reacting a little bit. Gally wasn't THE factor in te win but at the end of the game he did very well with the ice time he was given and had some great chances. I did initially think that Housely was an idiot and might have ''hated'' Gally or that he had fallen out of favor with his coach but even despite his overall usage in that game I don't believe this to be the case.

I might be wrong, but this is all perception, we will find out tomorrow morning for sure though because Canada won't be a free win. Should they trail and Gally still be with Kuraly and Barber with limited ice time, then I will crucifix Housely.

edit: an other tought

I am simply amazed that he has as many points as he does. He hasn't disapointed me in the slightest despite everythying and I am even more enouraged by his strenght and determination.

In the same vein of thought I am quite appalled by some posters calling for him to pack up his bags and return to Sarnia. That is the definitoin of a loser and Gally ain't that kind of person. The one poster on the main board who said that he was frustrated in his ice time and that's why he took his penalty couldn't be more wrong about his character. Gally doesn't give a rats ass how much ice time he gets, what angered him was that he got hit pretty well and he's not a chicken. Back to my point though this WJC is an invaluable learning experience because this is the SAME treatment he will get upon making the NHL. He will get sheltered minutes and not be the go-to guy right away. Let's not forget that he is a rookie for this tourney as well, and only 18.

Speaking of Sarnia how about Goldobin getting 4 goals to defeat the 'invincible' London Knights. Once he does return they might actually have a shot at something.

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