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Originally Posted by Shady Machine View Post
How does that differ from a player like Toews, Giroux or Parise? Those guys are playing every PK, first unit PP, and even strength. I don't feel like looking up TOI comparisons between them but it doesn't make sense that other team's best players can do all 3 and be fine.
Toews played about a minute less of ES and a minute less PP time than Malkin did per game last year.

Originally Posted by Shady Machine View Post
I don't want them getting top PK minutes, but they should be out there. The Philly series showed our PK needed a change. Those "awesome" PK'ers were getting torched and it was nearly an automatic goal. Meanwhile, Sid and Geno sat on the bench. I guess my thought is you put one of them out there the last 20 seconds of a PK and in consecutive situations to force the opposition back on their heels a bit.

Each game and opponent dictates whether Sid or Geno play the PP. Teams with the big boom slapshot PP like Boston you leave Sid and Geno on the bench. Teams that are more finesse and less about the big shot, you put your best skating guys out there.
This I agree with. Put them out there against teams we need to put pressure on. Don't make them regulars on the PK, but give them a a minute or so a game to change things up.

Originally Posted by Superunknown94 View Post
You can go down every team and list off top guys playing PK. It isn't outrageous to have Crosby and Malkin play the PK.
Its definitely not outrageous. And I wouldn't be upset to see it on occasion. Honestly, this past offseason I would have liked to have seen it against Philly. It was painfully obvious that their PP simply outskilled our PK. But I don't want to see Sid and Geno playing 2 or 3 minutes of PK a night.

I really think there are some matchups where it would be good. But at the same time, are we even positive that Sid or Geno are actually better at killing penalties than Dupuis or Cooke? I have my doubts. They would create more pressure and probably get a few more short handed goals. But defensively, I think Dupuis and Cooke are probably better choices.

Originally Posted by Shady Machine View Post
This is all speculation. Plus, as mentioned before, how do other offensive stars do it and still produce extremely well offensively? Surely, the best 2 players in the world can do it too.
Which other team has its stars killing penalties while producing like Geno or Sid at even strength?

Originally Posted by Sidney the Kidney View Post
But it's not just the Flyers that put their stars out on the PK. A lot of teams do it. The Kings just won the Cup with their stars taking regular duty on the PK.
The Kings stars do not score like our stars do. And I don't think its an outrageous claim to say that their stars are better defensively than our stars.

Again, I am all for them playing the occasional shift on the PK. But there is no reason for them to be getting 2-3 minutes a game like Toews or Kopitar.

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