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Originally Posted by Hockey Team View Post
I'm pretty sure that it's the NHLPA that runs the pension plan. And it's paid out of union dues.
Lots of gory details of the current Pension Plans in the Decertification + NHL Pension Plan and Players on Canadian teams dinged on pension threads from November.

As to who "runs" the pension plans:

Originally Posted by kdb209
Originally Posted by UsernameWasTaken View Post
good stuff! thanks so much for that. i should have paid more attention. i really appreciated what you was clarifying

do you have any idea how they've balanced the plan...investment/annuity-wise?

also...i asked above...does anyone know who rep's the plan legally, re "administrator" and who the accountant is? are the ont. holdings through rbc or someone else? i'm just wondering out of curiosity.
I don't know who administers the plans - but half the trustees that oversee it are appointed by the NHL and the other half by the NHLPA. The NHLPA is responsible for selecting the plan administrators and legal counsel. The plan trustees decide on the set of available investment finds and then the players make their own investment decisions from those fund options.

There are actually two separate pension plans - the "National Hockey League Players' Pension Plan", for players on Canadian teams with contributions made in $CDN , and the "National Hockey League Pension Plan for Players of United States Member Clubs", for players on US teams with contributions made in $US.

For players with less than 160 games, the defined contribution is specified in $CDN, for players with 160+ games, the defined contribution is specified in $US - with appropriate currency conversions done "based on a conversion rate equal to the average currency exchange rate during the season.".

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