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Parise - Crosby - Horton

This line should be a dominating when it hits the ice. Crosby is the best player in the league. Every Pens fans dream line mate for Crosby is Parise. They play a very similar style and we expect them to not only play a quick strike offense but also be able to cycle down low. Horton is no slouch himself. He's been a 30-30 guy without extremely elite linemates so we expect even better numbers coming from him.

Clowe - O'Reilly - Eberle
I am very happy with this second line. I think these guys will compliment each other very well. I would just like to remind everyone that O'Reilly scored 55 points as a 21 year old with his best linemate being a rookie and whole playing Selke caliber defense. Eberle is just an impressive creative forward. He will probably split time between this line and the Crosby line. Clowe is the gritty guy who's job will be the front of the net and for puck retrival.

Kulemin - Nielsen - Clutterbuck
We expect this line to get the puck deep and punish the defenseman. It will also be our shutdown line to play against opposing top forwards though we aren't worried about any line really. Nielsen played huge minutes for the Islanders last year as a defensive center. Despite not having a great offensive year, Kulemin still played some great defensive hockey. Clutterbuck will be expected to be the big hitter as always. Stir up trouble and grind it out.

Martin - McClement - Eller
A very good 4th line. McClement is great for face-offs and on the PK. Martin is physical. Eller will bring some creativity to the 4th line.

Enstrom - EJ
Staal - Faulk
Klesla - Ellis

The first two pairings will probably split the majority of the time with Klesla filling in more defensive zone starts for Faulk. Despite being young, this defense have all played HUGE minutes for their respective teams. Faulk was spectacular for Carolina. EJ is often seen as a disappointment because he hasn't lived up to his draft hype but he is still a very good defenseman and we still believe has the potential to be a #1. Klesla is probably one of the most underrated defenseman is the league as he plays a lot of the very important defensive movements in Phoenix as a big compliment to their other defenseman. Ellis will have limited minutes (mainly because we have 5 guys that can play 20 minutes and in all situations). He will be used as a weapon the PP and be eased into ES minutes. Staal is a guy we just acquired. He complete our defense, giving us 5 realizable defenseman. He is more of the defensive guy.


People can say what they want about Fleury but he was good enough to win a cup behind a very unspectacular defense. A lot of his problems have come from playing too many games and having his defense play absolutely horrid in front of him. While he may never have the top numbers in the league, we still firmly believe that Fleury is a top ten goalie.

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