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01-02-2013, 09:06 PM
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From a monetary standpoint it makes total sense to do this for the US teams especially.

The more teams that are in the playoffs or close to the playoffs the better it is for a market. If teams feel they have a shot it is better for the fans.

I have a part of me that hates to see stuff change because I love hockey. But then as someone that used to watch baseball but has mostly quit due to few teams making the playoffs and the hopelessnes felt as a fan of my team, I can understand how it can be useful to let more teams into the playoffs.

Refusing to change no matter what will make the NHL go the way of MLB baseball. Maybe in some places MLB is strong, but in other areas it is slowly becoming a game watched by older and older people all the time, and not changing anything at all doesn' t help to draw in new fans

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