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Originally Posted by Haj View Post
I'm a big Pavel Bure fan. Bure will stick out immediately in your head because you can visualize two or three highlights that are unique to him.

But Mats Sundin played at a high level for nearly twice as long as Pavel.

Bure - 702 games played, 779 points
Sundin - 1346 games played, 1349 points

If I was starting a franchise, I'd take Sundin over Bure.

Lets say hypothetically injuries were not a concern, I would take Bure..
I would still probably take Bure if I'm starting a franchise.

I think history shows that if your team is built around Mats Sundin, you will be a bubble playoff team that won't really come close to winning the Cup, as long as Mats is your best player. When the Leafs were actually competitors, I thought Curtis Joseph was their best player.

With Bure, you don't have him for nearly as long, but if he's your best player (and playing like he cares, which he didn't always do), you have a legit shot at contending for the Cup (like in 1994). And if your team is otherwise total garbage, he might be able to carry you into the playoffs anyway (like 2000). Basically, I see Sundin as an above average #1 center for a long time, but not a difference-maker in the way that a motivated Pavel Bure was.

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