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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
Its definitely not outrageous. And I wouldn't be upset to see it on occasion. Honestly, this past offseason I would have liked to have seen it against Philly. It was painfully obvious that their PP simply outskilled our PK. But I don't want to see Sid and Geno playing 2 or 3 minutes of PK a night.
Nor do I. I wouldn't want them out there for half the kill, but if there's 10-15 seconds left after a whistle, then I'd throw them out.

I really think there are some matchups where it would be good.

But at the same time, are we even positive that Sid or Geno are actually better at killing penalties than Dupuis or Cooke? I have my doubts. They would create more pressure and probably get a few more short handed goals. But defensively, I think Dupuis and Cooke are probably better choices.
For me, it depends on what type of PK is being used. If it is to box players out and prevent shots, then yeah I'd prefer more defensive minded guys (Cooke, Dupuis). If the goal is to pressure the puck carrier and go for chances, then I'd want the most talented guys (Crosby, Malkin, maybe even Kunitz).

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